Grilled Cheese Made In Heaven!

Did you know there’s an art to making great grilled cheese?  Here are some simple guidelines from our Grilled Cheese Pavilion Sponsor, Jarlsberg:

  • Brush the tops of your bread with ultra soft or melted unsalted butter for even cooking.
  • Using quality bread—like NY Handmade Breads—is important,
  • If using semi-soft to firm cheese, shred or grate while it’s cold (easier to handle); grated cheese (when it’s at room temperature) cooks quicker, too.
  • After the first “flip,” press with a tool (like a spatula) to get that crispy, golden-brown crust.
  • Always cook on a medium-low heat.

Be sure to check out the Jarlsberg Grilled Cheese Cook-Off, where chefs will compete for a first-prize win of Lodge seasoned/cast iron skillet set plus cookbook, a 22lb wheel of Jarlsberg and Sur La Table gift card (together, a $500 value).  Runners-up will be awarded a Calphalon slicing/grating kit plus contemporary cutlery, a maple butcher block, and Sur La Table gift card ($250 value).

Celebrity judges include Cricket Azima (The Creative Kitchen), Kathy Blake (The Experimental Gourmand), Gloria Dawson of Edible Manhattan, Jess Kapadia (Food Republic), Monica Forrestall, Christopher Kompanek, Matt Timms, and Janet Zappala.

Jarlsberg will also have plenty of tasty grilled cheese sandwich samples and lots of giveaways at the Pavilion for attendees both days.


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