How should you take care if you are or want to get pregnant?

How should you take care if you are or want to get pregnant?

Looking for a pregnancy? Your habits and lifestyle can slow or facilitate conception. Substances such as alcohol, snuff and caffeine tend to delay pregnancy, besides being harmful to the fetus and lead to spontaneous abortions. The rides, however, promote health and foster pregnancy. It is also recommended intake of iodine and folic acid to women wishing to become pregnant.

A pregnancy involves many physical and psychological changes in pregnancy. The ideal situation is that prior to conception, the woman prepare for these changes.

In this period it is advisable to adopt a series of preventive measures and to modify certain behaviors of everyday life to facilitate conception, and once achieved it, having a healthy pregnancy.

Some habits that harm , or preventing a pregnancy include alcohol, caffeine or snuff …. If you are looking for a baby should leave them soon.

Here are some tips to not get bogged down if it costs you leave these habits that can harm the unborn baby before the pregnancy.

1. – Reduce snuff or coffee. If stress can start reducing the dose of these habits and schedule a date to quit.

2. – Follow a healthy lifestyle. Maintain a sedentary lifestyle also reduces the chances of pregnancy. No need to make great efforts, just walking for a quarter of an hour a day, for example.

By contrast, other measures that will help you have a pregnancy healthy as taking folic acid and iodine , even before conception.

It is also recommended that parents, both men and women, carried out a health check, especially women who have had problems getting pregnant or during previous pregnancies.

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